So here we are….the festival of love.

They were the worst three months of his life so far. He did not have time for love or the emotional capacity to do so. His mind was in tatters and to risk his heart would have been a grave undertaking.And it was all right, he dealt with his problems,survived, was partly satisfied with himself and up to a certain degree maybe even in control. He was never happy thought, it was almost as if he had forgotten how to smile..

The reason you should love someone, the only reason on god’s green earth for you to truely love is happiness. Only love the people who make you smile, who make you forget for a second all that gnaws at your soul when you are alone on a dark night made darker by the demons inside, because everybody has them.

Never love the people who don’t value your love. Its a common ailment of out times that to scorn love has become fashionable but what the other party fails to realize is that it is much harder to love someone than it is to scorn the same. You have to be willing to take a risk, to chance your happiness on the choice of your partner.

What do I know of love? Nothing except that if you give it to me, I shall value it. Care for the people who care about you. They say that love hits you like a thunderbolt, that you have no choice in who you love. Maybe they are right, didn’t I tell you love is a funny thing, tough to gain and easy to lose.So cherish what you have for you have a lot?

To open yourself up to another person, to let them know what haunts you is no easy task. It is tough to love, only the brave can do it.



to be continued….