This world was a strange place to live in. It was disorderly and chaotic. So we had to find our way through this labyrinth of human emotions and actions to arrive at a place where there was some resemblance to order, order in the form of disorderly governments and a moral compass that does not always point north.

I know that the beginning’s a little heavy for an about page but I still think it’s pretty accurate. I’m 19 years old. I love blogging, basketball, books and some other things that do not begin with the letter b such as Nutella. I listen to a lot of music, all kinds, can’t pinpoint a favorite genre, it just depends on my mood and stuff. For now I suggest you should check out Steve James and Petite Biscuit (Son Lux and IAMX if you are into heavier stuff).

I do watch a lot of TV shows and read a lot of books.
Also no matter what’s going on with my life, writing always helps me keep my head straight.

THE GIRL FROM ROSTOV is a crime thriller/love story, but more importantly it is also a story of loss and the range of human emotions that a person goes through following it. The orphaned niece of a Russian gangster/international spy and arms dealer must find out who killed her uncle and why. She teams up with the son of a millionaire who has his own set of demons from the past.

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