He turned right and stumbled into a long white empty corridor where he stopped. There was a solitary figure standing at the end of the corridor where there was a door, probably waiting to be called in. The figure was busy fidgeting with the buttons on his coat and glancing at the watch on his skinny wrist every minute or so. The man was preoccupied so much so that he did not notice Raheem spying on him until five minutes later. He pointed a finger at him and made a wiggling motion meant to call the boy to him. Raheem took a timid step forward. He knew that he was not supposed to be in this part of the ship but he could not ignore the man who was beckoning him with his outstretched finger. He would later recall that the man seemed to have a strange almost mystic control over him. He  started walking towards the man as if in a daze. Before he fully realized what he had done, he had already reached the other end of the corridor.

Raheem violently shook his head in order to clear it.The man was no longer there, instead the door which had been closed for as long as Raheem could remember now stood wide open. The room inside was dark but he could make out the shadows that were moving inside. Ignoring his mother’s warnings and his own apprehension, he stepped into the room and was swallowed by the darkness.

To be continued……