I agree with every single word but agreement alone is not enough. Maybe we do need to take up arms, You and I, but not as anarchists, no, because we wish to replace the system with a better one and not merely abolish it.

Salma El-Wardany

By nation, I mean the whole fucking world. Reality seems to have been suspended, indefinitely, and we’ve accepted a new kind of world, one that is strange and lonely, broken and a little bit empty.

On one side of the pond we’ve just kicked ourselves out of the EU. America is on the brink of voting in one of the most ludicrous presidential candidates the free world has ever seen. Right wing sentiment is getting more airtime than it ever has before. The Great Barrier Reef is dead, which literally tells you everything you need to know about climate change. Consumerism is at an all time high and we’re just so very tired.

We work twelve-hour days at tiny desks while the air conditioning circulates dead dreams and failed ambitions. We don’t like the people we report to and we like our colleagues even less. All the hours we work…

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