I’m starting to feel like a broken record or maybe just another song that has been played on repeat way too many times. Either way I think I’ve got some good news. The ebook version of The Girl From Rostov will be free for the next forty eight hours starting now. So anyone who has the slightest interest in getting the book should get it now, all the while keeping your money where it belongs i.e in your pockets. This is part of a promotional sales so obviously the more people know about it the better.

The book almost made it to the top 100 in its category a couple of days ago. This time I actually hope to break through, that is of course with your help. It’s a weekend, what else are you going to do anyway? Watch a rerun of friends? Bah…read a good book, I’m told it’s good for your brain.

here s the link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LDFM9EK#nav-subnav