It had been one hell of a year. He had gone from strength to strength as everything seemed to come together, things were finally the  way they were supposed to be. The culmination of years of hard work had led to this and the fruit of his labor was sweeter than he could ever have imagined. He walked, his head held high towards the courtroom where they had all but decided his fate. He had spent twenty years inside a prison not because they had sentenced him but because he was safer inside the prison rather than outside.

He had  been scrawny when he had first entered the prison but he had made good use of his time inside. He walked confidently swinging his massive boulder like arms followed by a brigade of lawyers and their associates. Not only had he grown in size but also in reputation and influence. His mind was as sharp as the knife with which he had killed the men that had been sent to murder him in prison.

Today was the last day of not only the year but also his life inside the prison. The only man whom he had feared more than god himself was now just another bullet ridden corpse rotting beneath the ground.

He strode in casually as the door to the courtroom swung wide open. He was blinded by the flash of cameras but it didn’t matter for he was seeing things that were far removed from the scene of the courtroom.

It was going to be a remarkable new year he thought to himself. He could  imagine hearing the sound of gunshots ringing out all over the city disguised by the sounds of fireworks. He could hear the people counting in reverse at the top of their lungs hoping for a new year but leading it the same as the previous one. The countdown to his ascension had already begin. At the stroke of midnight tonight he would be the most powerful man in the city. It had been a hell of a year and all hell was yet to break loose.

“Happy New Year!”

He shouted jovially as he sat down to face the jury. He could read the verdict in the way their faces were set. Freedom was his and his alone for as long as he would run the city it would be no one else’s.

To be continued………………….