I am going to tell you something, so think about it.

Whenever you are talking to someone most of the time its things that have already been said over and over again, the same words repeated by people everywhere throughout history. So when we talk to someone we are not really saying anything new or even original and so sometimes you have to ask yourself what s the point but we don’t ask that question because we like ‘normal people’ are simply following an established system. Am I right?

But the messages we read are more often than not lies, not lies as such but not the whole truth. These messages are merely cues, mental cues that need to be ticked off so you can figure out what the other person is thinking because that is the entire point of a conversation. The words before you don’t really matter, its the thoughts behind them and thoughts unlike the messages we type are pure. They are original and new because they are not merely words but something more,something which you can see with your eyes closed, you could be in your drawing room and walking through the streets of a distant city irrespective of what time in history.

So tell me what are you really thinking?