Sometimes you find the music you’ve been searching for and sometimes that music finds you. Thank you  .

There is an upcoming indie duo from Bridlington, UK.  It is formed by Jack Sedman (vocals) and Harry Draper (guitar). They have recently released their debut album ‘Tell Me Its Real’. They toured with Kodaline earlier.

They are already booked for the summers touring through Europe. They would love to perform in India and they have a huge following here. They will be performing in Berlin and Paris in the month of may.


Their music is amazing paired with lyrical genius. We have managed to contact them and they would as I said love to perform in India. We are looking for sponsors or music promoters who might be interested.


If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be please let me know. You can mail me at .

Please …this is a request….its an amazing band and India deserves to hear them play.