I love the sound of rain, it helps me sleep at night .The sound of millions of water droplets coming into contact with the ground and anything that covers it creates a monotonous and soothing sound . I like to think of it as nature singing a lullaby.
It is then as I lay in my bed thinking these very thoughts that I hear a sound so man-made in its origin that it shatters the spell of nature’s song. It’s the sound of a gunshot.
I take out the glock which is kept in the drawer beside my bed .I creep over to the window and pull the curtains. I see a figure retreating into the distance under the cover of rain and darkness. He is too far away for me to shoot him.
I move back from the window and towards my bedroom door. I move downstairs to the main door. I slowly open it and peer into the darkness. There is a body lying at my doorstep. The blood that has pooled beneath the body, mixed with rainwater, has seeped from beneath the door and turned the light grey welcome mat red. I drag the body into the living room. It leaves a trail of blood behind it. I switch on the lights and look at my brother s mutilated face. I check his pulse even though I know he is dead.
Even worse than knowing he is dead is the sight of his mutilated face. His lips have been sewn shut together. On his forehead someone has crudely written ‘found you’ with something sharp. It’s almost certain that a knife has been used. The blood on his forehead is dried and beginning to clot which means that it was used some time ago.
I leave the body where it is make my way to the adjoining room. I move towards the wooden table, pick up the phone and dial the police.
The police arrive ten minutes later. They arrest me before looking at my brother s body. They know who I am. I had given them my name earlier on the phone. They cannot believe their luck. Men have dedicated their lives to finding and now they have.
I do not know if I am making a mistake by handing myself over to the police. Jail is the safest place for me now. I have spent my entire life dodging the police and escaping from the authorities. Now i am willing to hand over the responsibility of my well being over to these very authorities. The irony of the situation makes me laugh. Anarchy had suited me quite well until this moment. The men escorting me to the police car give me a perplexed look. I can sense a hint of fear in them which amuses me even further.
They put me in the back seat. There are four other people in the car with me including the driver, the man on the passenger seat beside him and the two policemen between whom I am sandwiched in the backseat. I am handcuffed. There are two cars ahead and two cars behind us. In total there’s a squadron of five cars.
Our progress is smooth as there is no traffic at this time of the night. I look out the window on my left. There is a truck heading towards us. I yell at the driver but it’s too late. The truck rams into our car.