My sympathy does not lie with the weak but with the helpless.

There comes a time when even the strong become helpless , but contrary to common perception it does not mean that they are weak.He was not a coward . He would have fought each and every one of them had he the means.And yet he did fight even without them.He was punched, kicked ,humiliated.Yet he proved his strength .He smiled.Smiling at your oppressor is the worst thing you can do to him especially when he believes that your spirit is almost broken.He was rewarded with a punch in the stomach and he doubled over.The hands which had been supporting him till now left him..They left the room that day but were unable to take his pride along with them.He was still smiling as the pain overwhelmed him and he lost conciousness but not the will to fight.
He felt someone wiping his forehead with a wet cloth.”You will be all right”,a voice kept telling him.”We need to take him to a hospital”,another voice said.”We can’t,not without involving the police”the voice above me said.”Shit,what have I done ,its all my fault”,said the second voice

to be continued……