Power is paradoxical in the sense that the person with power is never in control, rather the ruler is in turn ruled by power or the thirst for it consequently.
Amardin was such a man. He was born in dirt but dreamed of walking on marble. He was capable, but then again one need not necessarily have the skills to administer a kingdom in order to be king. One need not even have a thirst for power, but he did and a lot more. He was cunning as a fox and brave enough within the bounds of sensibility. Suffice is to say that he was born for something better than his status warranted.

So he worked and he toiled. He made important friends and did them important favors. He store away favors like a miser stores away wealth but unlike a miser he was not afraid to call in his favors.So when it came to pass that an important minister’s son did something illegal it was he who called in a favor that he had once done for a certain police officer whose son he had helped get into a certain college where the dean had owed him yet another favor. It so happened that certain documents and people were tampered with. The minister’s son was set free with barely any consequences and the public were none the wiser. Also, our friend gained another favor, another feather in his cap to be plucked out at a time in the future as he saw fit.