“Life is like a dream

Anything can happen at any given point of time.

What if we are all asleep and dreaming and our dreams mingle together and form this world in which we think we reside? What if thought is matter and everything we see around us is a figment of our imagination? What if the very chair I sit on while writing this is only solid as long as I believe it to be so. Within the last century mankind has witnessed some of its greatest inventions. All of these inventions were born from an idea, a thought. What are inventions and discoveries but simply thoughts that had never existed before? Therefore by thinking we create. Our thoughts shape who we are and what we become. We talk about harnessing the power of our mind i.e. the power of thought but that seems absurd at more than one level. The mind is in control, our thoughts guide our every action. Is this how destiny dictates the course of our lives; how we are all God’s puppets; the only strings attatched are the thoughts planted in our minds. How can we possibly believe that we are in control, that our brains aren’t programmed in whichever factory our maker connects all the wires that allow the brain to commandeer our every action? Think of God as the programmer who has programmed us to be what we are and the devil as a hacker who gets past the firewalls and plants thoughts which are like computer viruses that spread and infect one brain after another. The constant stream of chatter inside our brains is similar to the endless conversations which take place online. We are always thinking, it’s not something we can control. It’s not …..”

“So what you are trying to say is that God is a computer programmer”, said the brown haired girl with an incredulous look on her face. The little professor looked lost , the torrent of his discourse having been so rudely interrupted by this silly girl.

“The ideas you put forth today have given all of us a lot to think about, but unfortunately that’s all the time we have today”, said the actual professor to the class and the little professor, who looked more annoyed than anything.

to be continued…..