Have you ever considered what is going to happen? Probably not, apart from fleeting moments of doubtful clarity. Allow me to enlighten to you. Our world or rather that of the future generations is bound to be doomed. We’re run out of, well we’re running out of everything we possibly could run out of…..land, forests, clean air, usable water, fuel,food. The only hope for the future generations of the human race now would be unparalleled advances in technology, something on the scale of the discovery of fire or maybe, probably even more crucial to the survival of the human race. The most hopeful thing that I personally have come across are Elon Musk’s efforts to establish a colony on another planet in the future.

Imagine that we find another planet to live on. Imagine we established colonies in more than one planet and that space travel and exploration boomed.

Ask yourself..then what?

We deplete the resources of one planet after another, growing in numbers, consuming everything in our paths like the self-serving parasites that we are or do we……

Do we what?

Is there an alternative?

Even if there is it’s not quite apparent to me. And who am I?

Does it matter in the grand scheme of the universe?

Ideas may be cheap monetarily but the ideas that we impart to others have a lot more value than simply our physical self because these ideas have the potential to grow exponentially while we grow old and then die and then remain dead, forgotten by the world.

The only alternative to the above scenario would be to change, and not a slow social change as people become aware of the truth which I personally don’t think they will fully comprehend as an entire body of individuals centuries hence, maybe not even even then.

The only solution would be to change, to change what it means to be human. To psychologically alter ourselves as individuals that do what needs to be done for the best possible end result. A society than of not artists but of a cold calculative people who are not held back by the social limitations  of our present society. Who do what needs to be done.Who do what’s best for everyone.

And even if such a society someday comes to exist, I doubt that much of us would have been saved. For in order to become something that would surpass being human, something that transcends needless emotions and operates on cold hard truths we would have to stop being human. When that happens I doubt whether it will be correct to refer to them as we because it would stand to reason that being nothing like us, they would no longer be what we consider to be human. Either our story would have to come to an end as all stories do. Maybe we don’t deserve to be saved. Maybe it’s just not possible.

But then again my mind works on the assumptions that it knows what it’s talking about. But the truth is that none of us truthfully know. I don’t think that we are capable of taking into consideration all the variables out there. We work on assumptions. It’s not possible to take into account all the variables when you don’t even know what these variables are or whether they even exist. Is there a God or some other supreme power? Is everything predestined? Do I or does anyone else know the answer?

Maybe there is no answer. Maybe it is just what it is. Random things at random times. The universe is in a state of complete anarchy and chaos. Maybe this chaos is leading towards a  purpose. To what purpose I do not know if there is one. In the end, the search for answers always leads to further questions and these questions we often find out to be unanswerable.The future is unanswerable. My only conclusion is that the future cannot be predicted.

But you already knew that. So have you learnt anything or are you even more confused. The answers to these unanswerable questions gnawing at your mind and yet as much as you try, you can never really reach that state. The state where it all suddenly makes sense, the state of enlightenment.

I think, we all do. I just put what I think into words believing that the ideas that my brain concocts are more valuable to society as a whole than to an individual who thinks but then discards his thoughts as being useless in the daily chatter that is the voice in his head. But he never forgets that this voice is his own. That he functions in pure chaos. But then again….he is just an individual, his universe is what he perceives it to be. Because inside our minds there are no limitations…..it is only on the inside that we are free but only if we learn to remove the mental blocks that prevent us from harnessing the true power of our minds, the blocks that prevent us from surpassing what it means to be human to something that you could only ever understand if you choose to become it.

– Shitij