continued from DELIRIUM PART II…..

The sound of glass being shattered brought him back to his senses. One of the mudmen had apparently tried to shatter the glass with his elbow and succeeded. His hands went up to cover his naked eardrums from the screams of the mudmen. He stood paralysed with fear as the mudman with the bleeding elbow climbed in through the window; this was not supposed to happen, he was safe in the cottage or at least that’s the way it used to be. Trickles of blood flowed down his earlobes onto his neck and snaked their way to his collarbone.

More mudmen made their way into the little cottage through the broken window. They left behind a trail of blood as they stepped on broken shards of glass but kept on walking unperturbed. They looked surprised as if pain was a new sensation. He was unable to discern who among them was responsible for that terrible sound, it seemed as if they were shrieking in unison.

He clawed at his ears, his fingernails drew blood but he could not ignore the terrible sound. Blood was pounding in his ears and he felt as if all the blood in his body was rushing to his head. He shook his head violently and as he did so, his eyes fell upon the pen resting on top of a pile of pages.

He was just to about to grab it when the first of the stumbling mudmen reached him and as he did so he reached for the pile of pages to steady himself but instead knocked it over and fell right on top of him. Pinned beneath the mudman he gasped frantically because of the stench which attacked his senses and made his eyes water.

He was overwhelmed and quickly surrounded by more mudmen and even more of them seemed to be entering through the window.

To be continued……