Most of us wake up each new day only to spend it just as we had the previous day because we don’t think that anything has changed. We have been alive so long that we see beautiful things every day until we no longer acknowledge their beauty but for very brief moments.

When did you last wake up early just to enjoy a sunrise, sit back and relax? When was the last time you took a few minutes to sit back and admire at the beauty of a flower, feel its soft petals or take in its refreshing fragrance? When was the last time you looked at a painting or even a building that took your breath away and appreciated the effort put in by the artist or the architect. Could it be that we are simply too busy to appreciate the beauty around us? Could it be that we are blind to it?

If most of us are in fact blind to the beauty around us, how do we regain our sight ? We take a step back, enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us. You could wake up early and take a few minutes to admire a sunrise, painting, building and even a flower which is especially easy to come by.

Take any flower for example a rose, sit back and marvel at it for moment. You are the blind man who is seeing it for the first time. Do you notice how the petals appear to be a shade darker on the inside towards the center and lighter at the outer fringes? I think it’s because of being in the shadow of the outer petals. It’s petals appear to unravel at the borders. At the center it appears as if whatever was to be unravelled is safe for the petals close in on it. It almost seems as if the petals of the rose spiral around its center worshipping their own beauty.