He was restless and unable to sleep. He turned in his bed with his nose pointing to the roof. He looked up at the fan and occupied himself by thinking thoughts that were no longer relevant . What if he had done something instead of feeling sorry for himself? What if he had said the things which he often thought instead of burying them with half lies and small talk? What if ………and the list went on until ….What if it was him that had died that day and not just his innocence?

14th January,2012.

The day he was thinking about was a saturday. It was just like any other saturday, well almost. It was also on this saturday that he was to attend his brother’s funeral, the same brother to whom he had’nt spoken in the past five years. If he had his way he would not have spoken to him for the next ten had he lived. The man was a cancer upon this earth, he destroyed everything and eveyone he came in contact with.
The day his brother was born, he must have looked as innocent as an angel for no one could have foretold the vile creature that lurked in the darkest corners of this yet not fully formed mind.

to be continued….