If all you had to do was wish for something and it came true, what would be the fun in that? Struggle is fun, right? Wrong. If something doesn’t feel like fun than it’s probably not and struggle does not seem fun at all. But what comes after the struggle is fun or at least you thought it would be. Maybe its everything you imagined and maybe it isn’t, But you can’t change tracks now when its all said and done because that is what you worked so hard for isn’t it? So what do you do now that your wish has come true, do you sit back and take a moment to enjoy it? Maybe you take more than a moment but sooner or later you wish for something else and the cycle begins all over again. Because a man’s wishes are endless and each and every one of those wishes cannot be fulfilled.. Even a genie grants only three wishes. And now you are trapped in this vicious cycle without realizing that out of all the wishes that you made only one needed to come true, the wish for eternal happiness and it is a myth. Therefore it does not matter what you wish for because when its all said and done nothing has changed.