I had been so infatuated by my companion’s happiness that I had completely overruled the consequences such a situation. Yet, knowledge of human nature told me that for them, the girl’s magical world ended at the staircase.( The authors words not mine but I wish I had been the one to say them)

The Time of Our Lives

It had been ten hours since I had my dinner. These morning tuitions, they never fail to give me hunger pangs!

I took out my purse, and checked. Satisfied that it had enough to provide me a decent breakfast, I rushed towards the nearest cafeteria. I was about to push open the door, when SHE stopped me.

A little girl, who barely reached my waist, was protectively guarding the front door of the cafeteria, refusing to let me have my breakfast unless I gave her money for hers. Her innocence made me laugh, yet I couldn’t push aside those dirty hands and walk in. Had it been any other day, I would have handed her another five rupee coin, and she would have walked happily.

But something urged me to behave otherwise.

I bent down a little and quietly told her, “I won’t give you any money. But if you wish…

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