Life is a journey and death is the destination. It is not a set path. It takes shape as we go.  Our path intersects with that of others and we get trapped in this tangle of lives, so much so that we forget to live .In the end we are left bitter with the taste of regret. Regret at things left undone and words unsaid .

Regret can be dangerous, it can render you helpless, but only if indulged in often. We can never know what could be but only what is and that which is might not be what we wished for.

So what? Do you just forget everything that happened? No you don’t, you forgive yourself but don’t forget.

How do you come to regret something in the first place? It’s just that you think that there was something you could have done different and everything would be all right.

If you think about it, yes there was something different which you could have done and things would be different. You could have had more courage, been more decisive, had more of a presence of mind, had thought things through and a million other things which you could have had and done.

In the end though, no matter how much you think about it, its done and there is nothing you can do about it apart from trying to salvage the situation you created. You can curse yourself, lose sleep over it, or you can move on and make things right. No matter how small you will always have the window of opportunity to make things right only if you have the courage to do so.