Personally, I get the feeling that Trump has been smoking a lot of pot these days

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Source: Eight Things About Donald Trump

What I do not understand is ‘How are Americans even supporting such a Fascist, Racist?’ This is outrageous. I was so surprised and my jaws literally dropped when I read an article in the newspaper yesterday. How is he even running for the presidential election. He brands and labels almost everything. He is “trump-ing” on pretty much everything now. Let alone the Mexicans, I’m sorry !

He brands and loves himself so much or should I say boast so much that even if I had $200 million I would not buy shit from “TRUMP ESTATES”. NO!

So, what he has to say ON OBAMA caught my eye. I am going to quote this ” Obama is going to be out playing golf. He might be on one of my courses. I would invite him. I have the best courses in the world. I have…

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