He just sat there staring at the wall, hours turned to days and days into weeks. Yet his gaze never once left the wall. Monsoon came and cracks began to appear in the wall. He grew a beard. It could not be said that he was asleep for his eyes were wide open and his gaze never once wavered. There were no other people, just him and the wall. It was as if time did not exist and they were the only thing constant.

Man walked the earth. He discovered fire, words, religion, war, the appeal of bloodlust. Yet all this man paid attention to was the wall. His beard now reached his waist.

Empires rose and then crumbled to dust. He took to brushing his beard.

The rest of the building began to collapse but the wall stayed where it was. Man discovered weapons of mass destruction and the value of human life deteriorated even further. Man like a cancer grew and began to ravage and consume his home from the inside. The air he breathed began to smell stale. Messiahs walked this earth and then became the very earth they had once trodden upon. When the end was near the wall finally collapsed. God simply picked up his hairbrush and chair and began to walk towards where a wall was still standing in the distance. His beard now reached his knees.