I am sitting on a  of stone at a train station as all benches are filled with people who need it more than I do .I am looking at the billboard in front of me which proclaims that the time is 19:57 in flourocent red letters.There is a policeman standing in front of me.His name is Maheshwar Bhatt as I can make out from the batch on his uniform.My train is due to arrive at 20:50.Hence,I have.  plenty of time to write this.
The station is at jammu so you might understand that the number of policemen and soldiers is more than other places in India.We will be travelling to Delhi.I ll probably reach home by the time the 4th game of the nba finals between Miami heat and the San Antonio spurs begins.I am rooting for Miami and quite sure in my belief that they will win their third championship in a row….

I am typing this lying on my bunk in the train.There is no network just like the past two days I was in jammu.This is because in jammu only postpaid works while mine is prepaid.It must be around 12 the entire cabin is asleep.

The opening match of the world cup has begun and I won’t be able to watch it.